Our services

Our mission is constant innovation in Molecular Biology services and Immunology.
We transform the needs of companies from different biotech sectors into solutions to make them more competitive.

Diomune uses the latest advances in Molecular Biology, Immunology and Research to meet the technological demands of enterprises.

Based on a highly qualified scientific and technological potential, we offer a portfolio of services tailored to individual customer needs, high quality, reliability and speed in delivering results.

The range of services available in Diomune biotechnological focuses primarily on:

  1. Animal models of sepsis, leishmaniasis, cancer, inflammation, autoimmune disorders (arthritis, psoriasis…), atherosclerosis, cirrhosis, etc.
  2. Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) and toxicity testing: evaluation of the efficacy and safety of compounds in pre-clinical phase.
  3. Full pharmacological efficacy studies for sepsis, leishmaniasis, and other animal models on request.
  4. Design of diagnostic kits for inflammatory, immune, and infectious diseases.
  5. Design of vaccines, expression and purification of recombinant proteins at small, medium (up to 30 liters), and large scales (up to 1000 liters).
  6. Molecular Biology Products: electrocompetent cells, DioTaq polymerase proteinograms, etc.

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