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Leishmaniasis is on the list of 5 little-known diseases to watch out for in 2017

According to Derek Gatherer, lecturer at Lancaster University, leishmaniasis is among the diseases that are likely to emerge in 2017.

This parasitic infection is one of those investigated by DIOMUNE and is best known in Spain for affecting dogs despite the fact that annually in Spain there are about 110 cases  in humans. However, in many parts of the world it represents a frequent problem that in humans results in skin ulcerations, and occasionally extends to internal organs with fatal consequences. Unfortunately, the number of cases in both Europe and the United States is increasing. As described in the article, it has become a problem among Syrian refugees as well as soldiers stationed in areas of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as tourists who are increasingly traveling to endemic areas. The problem and the risk increase since the doctors in areas where the parasite is not frequent in the population take long time to detect the disease facilitating its advance and the severity of the outbreak.

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