Knock out mice

Diomune also have a wide variety of animals (mice genetically based Balb-c), for example, TLR2- deficient, TLR4- and TLR2 / 4 – / -. These knock out are very useful in the study of inflammation processes and mechanisms of action of drugs.

Below there is a list with the knockout mice lines offered by Diomune:

-ApoE KO (B6.129P2-ApoEtm1)

-COX2 KO (B6;129S-Ptgs2tm1)

-ApoE/COX2 doble ko

-EP2 KO (B6.129-Ptger2tm1)

-EP4 KO (B6;129-Ptger4tm1)

-NFATc3 KO (BALB/c-Nfatc3tm1)

-NFATc4 KO (B6.129S7-Nfatc4tm1)

-SLAM KO (BALB/c-Slamf1tm1)

-TLR2 KO (B6-Tlr2tm1) 4

-TLR4 KO (B6-Tlr4tm1)

-TLR2/TLR4 doble ko

-Gal1 KO (B6.Cg-Lgals1tm1)

-Gal3 KO (B6.Cg-Lgals3tm1)

-Gal9 KO (B6.Cg-Lgals9tm1.1)

-IFNgR KO (B6-Ifngr1tm1)