Welcome from the Director

Diomune is a biotechnology company founded in 2009 by Spanish scientists, born as a spin-off from a laboratory led by Professor Manuel Fresno Escudero at the Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa (CBMSO) in Madrid.

The goal of Diomune is to contribute to the wellness of our society by developing novel immunological treatments for veterinary use and providing new approaches for the management of complex inflammatory, infectious, and auto-immune human diseases. Indirectly, Diomune also provides scientific support and biotechnological services to multiple public and private hospitals, universities, and research centers.

Our concept is simple: we offer what we know best, because as good scientists we like to be strict in our work. Over the years we have incorporated many people with extensive experience in their fields who have helped us grow to what we are today.

Currently we have developed a veterinary treatment for canine leishmaniasis and we are on the verge of a human clinical trial for the treatment of sepsis.

In the years since our founding, we have participated in several national and international projects:
– 3 Projects funded by the European Commission: ASFORCE, focused on studying African Swine Fever; HOMIN, to investigate the interaction between microorganisms and their hosts in healthy and disease conditions; TOLLerant, for the study of immune system modulation via TLR4.
– 1 project funded by the Spanish government CDTI NEOTEC, for the preclinical development of canine leishmaniasis treatment, and preclinical studies to test the efficacy of the drug IV1303 for treatment of sepsis.
– 3 projects funded by different veterinary multinationals for the development of several diagnostic kits.

We also have ongoing internal projects in cerebral ischemia, neonatal compartment syndrome (categorized as a rare disease) and a kit to predict infection risk, in collaboration with an extensive network of national and international researchers.

In addition, we develop R & D services for public and private institutions, whose profits are fully reinvested in the development of our research projects.

This is what my team has achieved, and from here I would like to express my gratitude to them and all our partners for their hard work.