Autovaccine for canine leishmaniasis

In Spain canine Leishmaniasis is a serious veterinary problem. There are 500,000 infected dogs, of which more than 5% develop a condition that can be severe, and even fatal, if proper treatment is not applied. So far, none of the specific treatments are 100% effective. Diomune offers a novel and effective alternative to current treatments against canine Leishmaniasis, an autovaccine.

When should I use an autovaccine for treatment of canine leishmaniasis?

  • When your pet has been diagnosed with leishmaniasis.
  • Only under veterinary prescription.
  • When the therapy with leishmanicidal drugs have a poor recovery outcome.
  • When there are co-morbidities that are preventing a proper immune response.
  • When treatment with leishmanicidal drugs is causing side effects (liver failure, renal failure, nephrolithiasis, urolithiasis, etc.).

What should I do?

You simply have to extract a sample of popliteal lymph node and send it to our laboratory.

  1. Shave and disinfect the skin with conventional antiseptics (iodine, chlorhexidine, etc ..).
  2. Hold the node properly to proceed to centesis with a 5 ml syringe and 23G needle gauge to obtain the largest possible volume.
  3. Send it to our lab (transport provided by Laboratorios Ovejero, SA) in a silicone tube with 4 ml of M3 culture media to the address indicated in the application form.

How do we do it?

  1. Upon arriving to our laboratory, the sample is inoculated in a specific two-phase medium for the growth of Leishmania infantum (at 26 ° C) and incubated for 5-12 days to increase the concentration of parasites.
  2. When the growth is considered optimal, we proceed to the inactivation of the parasite.
  3. Once Leishmania are inactivated, the autovaccine is prepared using antigen processing techniques to obtain a set of epitopes that will increase Th1 type response.
  4. Finally, we will send the autovaccine in two 1 ml vials for subcutaneous inoculation at the day of delivery (day 0) and 2 weeks later (day 15).The treatment involves a primary immunization (1 ml or 1 vial), and a prime-boost vaccine 15 days after immunization, using the second 1 ml vial.

How does the autovaccine work?

The autovaccine enhances the immune response of the animal, improving its clinical outcome, reducing the severity of clinical signs, and eventually allowing it to recover life quality.
Therefore, to get your autovaccine just follow these steps:

  1. Register at the website
  2. Fill out the autovacuna telematics application.
  3. Sampling popliteal lymph node form a sick dog using a fine needle aspiration (23G).
  4. Deposit the sample in a silicone tube with culture medium. Send it at room temperature to our labs.
  5. Store in a proper shipping box and contact the shipping phone number 987 21 88 12 / 635 02 11 60.


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