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Diomune is one of 4 companies to sign the transparency agreement for the use of animal for scientific experimentation in Spain

Transparency agreement for the use of animals for scientific experimentation in Spain

About 90 public and private institutions, among which is Diomune, just signed an agreement on transparency for the use of animals in scientific experimentation in Spain in order to open the doors of laboratories and show how they work and the guarantees and controls research work has regarding animal welfare and report on the benefits to society of these research efforts.








The signatories to the Agreement agree to the following principles:

  1. Speak clearly about when, how and why animals are used in research.
  2. Provide adequate information to the media and the general public about the conditions in which research requiring the use of animal models and the results obtained it is done.
  3. Develop initiatives to generate greater awareness and understanding of society about the use of animals in scientific research.
  4. Report annually on the progress and share experiences.

The signatories of this document commit to following these four principles and to promote appropriate strategies for their organizations to promote greater transparency about the use of animals in research. The signatories also agree to annually provide information on the activities undertaken for these purposes.

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